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April 2003

Active Membership  - 268




04/22/03  MORE PHOTOS NEEDED. The party pix are being added as they are received but the problem is that we haven't received very many.  Most photo processors offer the option of converting prints to jpeg files.  If you have no way of emailing photos you may mail me your prints.  All photos must be captioned and prints should also have your name printed on the back. If you want the pictures returned please include a self addressed stamped envelope.  We particularly need a copy of the June Class Group Photo.
04/14/03  MARIE WAMSGANZ HAS JOINED US. We contacted Marie from our hotel room on the day of the banquet.  She wasn't able to make the reunion on such short notice but was pleased to be a part of the network.  Her data will soon be added to the directory.
04/12/03  AND A GOOD TIME WAS HAD BY ALL. The guest list was up to 290 by party time and all but a just a few showed up at Russo's Thursday night to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of our our 1953 high school graduation.  We'll have the final count figured out soon for all you statisticians, but this was undoubtedly among the largest of fiftieth reunion parties on record and most who were there will tell you it had to be the best.  The planning committee outdid our wildest expectations. There were a few suggestions made of how it been improved and the committee will certainly take them under advisement when planning the next one, currently scheduled for 2053.  This one is all over but the shouting and that will take the form of a special pictorial report in the REUNION CENTRAL section as soon as some pictures get to me.  The flashbulbs were popping all night long and hopefully some were attached to digital cameras.  If not please have your photos converted to jpeg files and email them to me.  If you do not personally have a scanner be sure that this is a service available where you have your film developed.  In this day and age it is unthinkable that a photo service would not offer that option. 
04/09/03  HEAR YE HEAR YE! THE FRANKLIN K. LANE CLASS OF 1953 GOLDEN ANNIVERSARY CONVENTION, REUNION BANQUET, AND GALA IS ABOUT TO BEGIN. After a three year wait and a lot of work on the part of our many volunteers, all of our plans, efforts, hopes, and dreams will come to fruition tomorrow night; be the good lord willing and the creeks don't rise.  Soon after the dust clears I'll be handing off to Lou Martorella (a Lane grad from the class of '89 and the son of a '64 Lane grad) who promises to take the ball and run with it.  Once the transition is accomplished you should be able to remain in touch by logging on to  I hope to connect with Lou, a resident of Ozone Park, tomorrow or Friday during my stay at the Ramada Plaza Hotel, JFK Airport, to discuss the matter personally.  This arrangement supercedes my original plan to pull down ZAZZOOM after the reunion, downloading its existing pages to a souvenir CD for the attendees.  That idea engendered loud and vociferous disapproval from some of our long time supporters, and rightfully so.  The content of this web comprises the efforts and contributions of all our members.  Monitoring the class web has become a meaningful part of life for many of you and now it can continue, only at a new address with a new landlord.  It's been a great ride that will end for me with the publishing of the pictures you take tomorrow night, so get them to me A.S.A.P.  May we never lose what we've gained through this reunion effort.  Let's all keep in touch by phone, letters, and that marvel of our new age, email.  Thanks for your support and I'll see you later, Warren Dickman.
04/02/03  JEAN CARILLO FROM THE JUNE CLASS HAS SIGNED ON. Jean registered with us online this afternoon and she and her husband will be joining us at the reunion if we can find some room.  Jean will be added to the directory along with Willie Jones who joined us last week.

MARCH 2003

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03/29/03  WILLIAM JONES FROM THE JANUARY CLASS HAS JOINED OUR RANKS. Willie found us just in the nick of time.  We'll need to squeeze him in at a table and add some water to the soup.  He'll probably be easy to recognize at the reunion as the one without a button, unless we can pull a rabbit out of a hat. 
03/27/03  MARGARET PILLE will be undergoing cancer surgery tomorrow and has requested that your thoughts and prayers be with her.  She deeply regrets that she will be unable to attend the reunion two weeks from today.
03/04/03  ARE YOU STAYING AT THE RAMADA?  If you have booked your party into the Ramada Inn at JFK please contact us with dates of your reservation.  To make the most of our time together we would like to organize group activities for the days surrounding the banquet.  If we know when you will be there we'll contact you personally with news of our progress in this regard.  I would personally appreciate knowing who will be there early on the tenth since I'll be arriving around 8 AM with nothing to do until check-in time.  Anybody for breakfast?  -Warren Dickman
03/04/03 Sadly the name of James Cassidy was added to the deceased list yesterday after receiving a report from Bob Perrin of the June class.  Bob tells us that that Jim died in the late nineteen-nineties.  Nothing more is know about Jim at this time, but if you would like to share your memories of him a memorial page will be set up.
03/03/03 DICKMANS AND HOFFBERGS MEET FOR DINNER: A mini-reunion of sorts took place in Pacific Grove, California yesterday.  To read about it and view the pix click on CONNECTED and then the top item in the left column.


Active Membership  - 265

George Webb
Evelyn Pankey
Don LoCicero




02/27/03  WELCOME BEVERLY TRICKEY:  Bev used the online registration form to submit her contact data, which will be added to the directory soon.  In the meantime you may welcome her by clicking on her name in the NEW MEMBERS box above.
02/25/03  WELCOME DOROTHY BOYLE:  Dorothy found our web and registered online for association membership.  Her data will be added to the directory soon but, for now, you may welcome her by clicking on her name in the NEW MEMBERS box above.
02/21/03  ERNIE DODEGGE IS BACK:  We'd lost him for awhile when he moved back to Naples but contact has now been reestablished and his new information will soon be added to the directory.
02/17/03  WE LOST A GOOD ONE TODAY:  It is with great sadness that I must report the death of January grad, Margaret Dafeldecker, who has been in our association since 4/03/01. If you knew her, you had to love her.
02/17/03  JUNE GRAD SHOWS COURAGE OF HIS CONVICTIONS:  See Don LoCicero' s new bio page 
02/16/03  MARIE MAURO'S PHONE IS DOWN:  Phone service has been interrupted in her neighborhood do to cable problems.  It should be restored by Wednesday at the latest.  If you must talk with her contact me for an alternate number.
02/14/03  SHARE A ROOM AT THE RAMADA:  If you are coming alone and would consider sharing a room during your stay just submit the simple online form on the LODGING page. We'll see if we can match you up with someone of your own gender.
02/13/03  HOVER BUTTON PROBLEM IS RESOLVED: To facilitate all members (even those with WEBTV) you will now find the old-fashioned hyperlinks at the bottom of all pages under the copyright note.  Also the Hover Buttons are now back on the home page where they had been removed in favor of hyperlinks.
02/12/03  BRAND NEW REUNION BUTTONS: After talking back and forth with the Button maker and learning I had to remove the rims and change the specs on all the buttons I'd designed, I decided to start over and redo all I'd done.  The new rimless buttons pictures are what we are going with and for a limited time you can compare the new with the old by clicking the links in the NEW PAGES BLOCK with that in the PAGES UPDATED block above.
02/09/03  AOL AND HOVER BUTTONS: The problem of using Java Script with AOL may be as simple as a reboot.  If you have any trouble navigating the new format try shutting down completely and then restarting your computer.  This worked for Bob and Maureen Alhouse, who now have no problem getting around ZAZZOOM with their AOL browser.
02/09/03  REUNION BUTTONS: The BUTTONS page is being updated daily with old buttons being redone and new ones being added.  To make it easier to access this page I've put a link in the PAGES UPDATED box above.
02/09/03  NAVIGATIONAL BUTTONS: I woke up with a bright idea a couple of days back.  To give the web a more modern look I replaced most of the old fashioned navigational links with Hover Buttons, even making the buttons the same color as the background they were on so only the words would appear in white until you glide your mouse over them.  As cool as that may look, though, it may not be the best for all concerned.  I've already heard of two cases of people not being able to get into the web.  Apparently their browsers do not presently support Java Script.  If you are having that problem it is probably just a technicality that can be corrected with a simple configuration change at your end.  Unfortunately the ones who are experiencing this are AOL and WEBTV users, two areas in which I have have no knowledge whatsoever.  If you cannot get help from your tech support for those applications let me know and I'll work out an alternate system for you.  If all else fails I may have to put things back to the way they were.  Let me hear from you on this matter.  I need to know how many have been adversely affected by my ill-advised whim. 
02/09/03  UPDATE ON KENNETH BRAGG for the latest on Ken's condition  CLICK HERE and read a letter from his wife, Carol. Then come back and write him a few words of encouragement by clicking on his name.  Ken's spirits are high and he would like nothing better than to join us for the reunion in April, but he's taking one day at a time for now.
02/04/03  DIRECTORY DATA CHANGE: Elmer Flemings has a new email address.  You probably remember him as Elmo in school. We don't know if the nickname is attributed to the little known Saint Elmo's Fire, or that better whistler from our day, Elmo Tanner.  Remember his great rendition of Heartaches?
02/04/03  STILL WAITING TO HERE FROM THE FOLLOWING: Irene Charles and Barbara Goodwin were told about the association by Rona Trottman.  They should be checking in with us soon. 
02/04/03  WELCOME EVELYN PANKEY JOHNSON: Evelyn comes recommended by Lottie Reid.  She was originally scheduled to graduate with the January class of 53 but was accelerated in her senior year to graduate in June of 52.  Please welcome her to the association by clicking on her name in the NEW MEMBERS box above.
02/04/03  WELCOME GEORGE WEBB: We found out about George when he sent his check in for the reunion. This is another cart before the horse case where a well meaning member directed a new newfound classmate to the reunion without going through the association.  One more time--TO GO TO THE REUNION YOU MUST FIRST BE REGISTERED WITH THE ASSOCIATION.  I had a nice chat with George this evening and his data will be added to the directory soon.  He has a computer at work and will try to get us and email address.  In the meantime if you'd like to talk to him ask me for his phone number. -WD
02/02/03  DIRECTORY IS UP TO DATE:  Latest additions include Gutman, Gutin, Peers, Scimonelli, and Brownley.  A correction has also been made to the email address of Betty Staton. 
02/02/03  WELCOME GEORGE BROWNLEY: George submitted his contact data some time ago but due to a misunderstanding he was not added o the group.  Please join me in welcoming him now by clicking on his name in the NEW MEMBERS box above.


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Party 12/01/02








01/30/03 WELCOME FLORENCE GUTIN GOLDMAN: Florence comes to us by way of one of our other new members, Les Frank.  She has submitted her data and will be added to at least the first page of the directory soon.  I'm way behind on getting all the new people on all the other pages.  Hope to get caught up soon. -WD
01/30/03 ZAZZOOM IS GETTING AROUND: A recent search for ZAZZOOM on brought up this ad in the NY TIMES, and at least one HORSE named after us. 
01/28/03 WELCOME FLORENCE PEERS WEYNAND alias Flamingo Flo.  We've been hearing about Florence Weynand for over a year now.  We knew she was out there and even had her address and phone number but not her yearbook name.  She just checked in through the website.
01/27/03 DECEASED NOW AT 42 with the addition of Eleanor Saieva from the January class.  The word came to us, today, from Kathy Luberto who learned from Eleanor's husband that she succumbed to lung cancer three years ago.
01/27/03 WELCOME HARRIET GUTMAN ROSEN: Marge Scimonelli really wanted to find her old school chum, Harriet, with whom she'd lost touch twenty years ago.  She had her husband's name and the town where she was last known to live.  We went looking and found her still there in the same house.  A message left on voicemail brought this search to a happy ending this evening when Harriet called Marge and they were able to catch up on the last twenty years.
01/26/03 DIRECTORY FORMAT REVISED AGAIN: IN trying to make the directory easier to work with by making the subject column move to the first position on the page, I managed to make it more confusing.  Now all the columns have been put in the most logical order (first name, YB last name, new last name, etc.) but the rows will be rearranged with the different sorts.  If that's confusing you just get in there and play with it till you figure it out.  I'm open to feedback on this.  Let me know what you think of the change.
01/26/03 WELCOME ANTOINETTE SPERANZA ROSSANO: Antoinette has been in the group for awhile but stayed in the background.  Apparently she was never told that she has to join the association to share in all the fun.  WE finally connected today and she is now an official member of the gang.  She'll be added to the directory with the next update.
01/26/03 WELCOME MARGE SCIMONELLI AYER: Marge is another one to be found by way of  Her data will be in the directory soon but in the meanwhile you can say hello by clicking on her name in the box above.
01/25/03 DECEASED LIST UPDATED: sadly the deceased list grew today with the addition of Donald Parker based on information received from Leslie Frank.  Don was the subject of a special search a while back.
01/24/03 AN IMPORTANT MESSAGE has been posted on the REUNION NEWS BOARD. Please go to REUNION CENTRAL and read it.
01/22/03 WELCOME LESLIE FRANK: Les just signed in via our online registration form.  His data is in the directory by yearbook last name and in the SME version.  These two pages are up to date.  The other pages are yet to be updated.  We are having a bit of trouble keeping up with the last minute rush.
01/21/03 BIELLI'S SCHOOL DAZE can be reached either through the MEMORIES link in the sidebar of by clicking the name in the PAGES UPDATED box above.  It's been a long time in work but it finally is a bit more viewable.  
01/20/03 PEOPLE ARE HEARING ABOUT THE REUNION but not about the association.  We appreciate your spreading the work but if you are not sharing the ZAZZOOM with them they are missing out on the association and being able to contact all their old friends here. (See the note of 1/07/03 below)
01/20/03 WELCOME JENNIE CALVANICO:  Jennie will be getting us her email address.  We have the rest of her data. Her check is in the mail.  
01/20/03 WELCOME ARLENE CORNELL:  Arlene will be contacting me with her email address.  Her reservation is confirmed for the reunion.
01/20/03 WELCOME WARREN MEISSNER:  Warren has no computer but his contact data will be in the directory soon.  He will be at the reunion.
01/19/03 WELCOME ALICE HOMMEL:  Alice is another product of the invitation.  There is much to do to bring the directory up to date again.  In the meantime you may contact any of these new ones by clicking on their names in the NEW MEMBERS box above.
01/19/03 WELCOME MAUREEN FAGAN:  Mary checked in after receiving her invitation through
01/18/03 WELCOME FRANK COCOZZELLI:  Frank, or Coke, as he's known by his friends (it has nothing to do with the soft drink or that other stuff) responded to an invitation sent out through today.  So far there have been four responses but the other three have yet to submit their registration data.  Frank will be added to the directory soon.  Meanwhile you may welcome him by clicking on his name in the NEW MEMBERS box above.  His addition to the roster brings us up to 250 members.
01/17/03 DIRECTORY HAS BEEN UPDATED.  Latest to be added are Art Powers and Barbara Crosby.
01/14/03 BARBARA CROSBY HAS CHECKED IN.  She answers to Barbara Mackie now and we have all her contact data.  Look for the directory to be updated tomorrow, but in the meantime, you may welcome her to the group by clicking on her name above.  Roberta Goldman Zinbarg is credited with this latest contact.
01/14/03 ARTIE POWERS HAS CHECKED IN.  He's just Art now and living in jolly old England. We have all his contact information and will be adding it to the directory as soon as he verifies it. Meanwhile you may welcome him by clicking on his name above.
01/13/03 DIRECTORY HAS BEEN UPDATED.  Latest to be added are Ann Greenberg and Virginia Ackerman.  Moreover Roberta Beckroge has a new email address and that too has been added.
01/13/03 VIRGINIA ACKERMAN HAS CHECKED IN.  Her contact data will be added to the directory soon.  You may welcome her by clicking on her name above.  
01/11/03 PARTY IN MASSAPEQUA 12/01/02 has been added to the Reconnections Section.  Click the party link above (or on the left) to go to RECONNECTIONS and find the party link at the top of the left column there.
01/07/03  WELCOME ANN GREENBERG LEIBHOLZ:  Ann was in the June class and you will find her picture on Page 50 of the June yearbook.  The yearbook editors had inserted the wrong photo next to her name on that page but it has been corrected on our page.  Take a look and see if you remember her.  Ann's full contact data, including email address, will be added to the directory with its next update.  In the meantime you may contact me for that input. -Warren
01/07/03  ARE YOU SHARING ZAZZOOM? Recently a name showed up in our reunion RSVP's that was not on our mailing list. We found her in the yearbook but had no prior contact with her.  We finally tracked her down and learned that one of our members had passed on a copy of the reunion invitation to her and she mailed it in.  In speaking to this lady she tells us that she's been in contact with two others in our association but had not heard of our website.  This is where it all begins, Friends.  Even if you yourself are not web oriented, please share ZAZZOOM with your new contacts.  They will probably appreciate it.  Did you know that there are over 300 pages, 4000 pictures, and 15000 internal links in ZAZZOOM, and it's all about our class and its members? And did you know that the upcoming reunion is for our association members only? To be a member they must be listed HERE.  So please share ZAZZOOM!
01/05/03  DECEASED LIST HAS BEEN UPDATED: It is with great sadness that I must report the addition of both Eddie Roberts and George Cole to the deceased list.  I remember them as fine young men. The report of their demise came in from Marvin Hunt.  This, for me, is the down side of my job.  If anyone would like to share their memories of these great guys, please, email me. -WD
01/03/03  DIRECTORY HAS BEEN UPDATED: Jay Joshua has a new email address

01/03/03  PROM NIGHT + 50 YEARS: If you were in the January class 50 years ago today were you getting ready for the big night?  If you missed out on the prom you'll get another chance on April 10th.