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Week Ending 06/30/02

Active Membership - 213

6/30/02 SORRY ABOUT THIS WEEK:  For those of you who have been checking in regularly to see what's new in our ongoing trip to 2003 and our big 50th, I'd like to apologize for a week of no web activity other than a little dabbling with the BBQ page. Personal family problems have temporarily sidetracked my brain for the past three weeks.  I'd like to thank all of you who have expressed concern for my grand-daughter and beg your forgiveness for not responding to all your emails.  Chelsea was released from the hospital this week.  She is still a very sick young lady and has a home care provider watching over her.  Her condition seems to be improving but it will be a long haul till her complete recovery. -WD

Week Ending 06/23/02

Active Membership - 213

6/17/02 BBQ PHOTOS NEEDED: Most of the photos taken inside the school without benefit of flash are of poor quality due to the dim lighting.  Those of you who were taking flash photos and have good quality shots are encouraged to submit them for posting to the web.  Both indoor and outdoor pictures of couples and table groups would be especially appreciated.    Electronic submissions are preferred, but if mail in your photos be sure to write on the back of each the subjects' names and/or any other appropriate caption.  If you want the pictures returned to you please include a self-addressed envelope stamped with sufficient postage. My mailing address is in the directory.  If you need help finding it you may email me. -Warren

Week Ending 06/16/02

Active Membership - 213

06/11/02 ARRANGEMENTS ARE NOW BEING MADE for group lodging accommodations for out-of-town attendees of next year's reunion.  To read all about it CLICK HERE.

Week Ending 06/09/02

Active Membership - 213

Donald LoCicero
06/06/02 SENDING BBQ PICTURES? READ THIS FIRST!  After each mini-reunion I'm inundated with photos from all sides.  There were probably at least fifty cameras at the BBQ that were clicking and popping everywhere I looked.  I'm hoping that most of you, by now, have found a way to send me photos as JPG's, either by using a digital camera, a home scanner, or by having them converted by your film processor.  Most film processing outlets offer the option of digital photos.  If none of this is possible and you feel you must send hard copies to be scanned by me at this end, please follow these simple ground rules.
  1. Send only photos that are unique in some way.  This may include a picture of your table group or any candid (not posed) shot.  If you were one of many shooting the same posed shot query before sending. I probably already have it.

  2. include captions and names of the subject person or person's on the back of the picture.

  3. Include a self addressed stamped envelope if you want your pictures returned. 

I'm particularly interested in seeing photos of any private gatherings after the BBQ.  If you have any questions about what to send, shoot me an email or spring for a phone call.  I can usually be reach at my home number between from 7-9 AM (PACIFIC TIME) or evenings till 10 PM.

06/05/02 Welcome Don LoCicero: I got a message from Don as I was leaving for the airport on Friday. He has sent me all his contact info and I'll be adding him to the directory as soon as I can grab a free minute.  In the meantime you can contact him by clicking on his name above.
06/04/02 GREAT PARTY - STILL JETLAGGED - MORE LATER: If June 1, 2002 is any kind of barometer we can expect to have the time our lives next year at the big reunion.  Total count attending the festivities at the school was 98; this in spite of 26 last minute cancellations and/or no-shows.  From what I could see through my weary, bleary, blue eyes, a good time was had by all.  I'm still trying to piece together faces with names.  If I had to look at the name on your badge each time I spoke with you please don't take it personally.  My brain was in a foggy cloud, which I'm attributing to jet-lag, all day long and, while I had no problem with the school song I hadn't heard in 49 years, I had trouble remembering the name of the person I'd spoken to five minutes before any given moment.  The whole day was somewhat of a blur, but considering that this condition was accomplished non-alcoholically, I guess I have no reason to complain.  As soon as I get the pictures all posted on a page or two I'll link them up and let everyone start reminiscing about our day of reminiscing.  If you'd like to monitor the process click HERE.  It will be a slow process but should be easily navigable and well organized when it's done. -WD

Week Ending 06/02/02

Active Membership - 212

Robert Ridings
5/30/02 ATTENTION BBQ ATTENDEES:  We have two ladies on our guest list whose transportation plans have fallen apart.  If you are coming in from out on the island and can make room for either or both of these ladies in you car, please contact me immediately.  One is in Rocky Point and the other is in East Northport.  Please pull together with us in making this a happy occasion for everyone. Warren Dickman.
5/28/02 WELCOME BOB RIDINGS: Bob was referred to our website by Carol Cook from the class of 1956.  We have all his contact data and he will be added to the directory soon.

Week Ending 05/26/02

Active Membership - 211

Marie Meyer
5/26/02 A MESSAGE FROM THE DUKE: The following was received from Rich Laudia, affectionately known in high school as, The Duke.
"On Wednesday, May 22, Faith & I traveled to New York, to finalize some family business. That afternoon we had a mini reunion with fellow Laneites and their spouses. Many thanks to George and Angie O'Kane, Rose Marie Lisa and her husband Willie, Jo Contino and her husband Sal and Marie Maniscalco. Special thanks to Marie Passantino and her husband Ray for putting this together. 
   Thanks guys, it was a blast!
Pictures are on the way; watch for them in the RECONNECTIONS section.
5/25/02 JAY SUSSELL'S POOPED PUTER:  If you have been trying to email Jay and wondering why he doesn't answer here's the latest poop on his pooped puter.  After getting wiped out by a nasty virus, he called in several technicians (of the male persuasion) who only exacerbated the problem.  He now assures me that he has a new technician and she is well on the way to resolving the matter.  I've sent his puter a get-well card.
5/20/01 Barbara Citowitz was our only new addition last week bringing our total membership to 211. Barbara's contact info has been added to the directory.

Week Ending 05/19/02

Active Membership - 211

Barbara Citowitz
5/17/02 Deceased List Grows to 32:  Marie Passantino Ferraro, at the request of Sheila Schaeffer, went looking today for Vincenza Gioe from the January class.  She connected with Marie Gioe, her sister-in-law, who told her that Vincenza had lost her battle with lung cancer three years ago. 
5/14/02 Rich Laudia is coming to NY for one day, Wednesday, 5/22/02.  Marie Passantino Ferraro is getting a group together to meet with Rich at a Huntington diner.   Anyone wishing to join that group and say hi to an old friend should call Marie P. for time and place. 
5/13/02 Welcome Barbara Citowitz Thomas by clicking on her name, above, and sending her a friendly hello.  Barbara comes to us by way of Marie Meyer who joined us two weeks ago.

Week Ending 05/12/02

Active Membership - 210

Rose DiGangi
5/10/02 BBQ UPDATES PAGE: This is a new page for those who are on the guest list.  If you are on that list you need to check the page often for additional directions or announcements.
5/06/02 Rose DiGangi Jennosa is our latest addition, thanks to the efforts of Anita Lombardo who remembered she had a brother, through whom she was able to track down our Rose.  This is another example of how any bit of information you may have about a classmate can aid in the search.  Rose doesn't yet have a computer but will be pulling us up the next time she visits her son.  No doubt when she sees what is happening here at Zazzoom she'll be getting herself set up online before long.  For now, though, she will be added to the snail mail list. Her address and phone number will be added to the directory directly.

Week Ending 05/05/02

Active Membership - 209

Mary Finn
Marie Meyer
Jeanette Lombardi     
5/02/02 APRIL WAS A BANNER MONTH!  13 new names were added to our membership list in the month of April bringing our total to 207, and May is of to a good start with Marie Meyer Marklein and Mary Finn Westrick joining us in the first  couple of days of the new month.   Say hi to them by clicking on their names above.

Month Ending 04/30/02

Active Membership - 207

Barbara Schumann
Florence (Pat) Brady
Elaine Lokietz
Jane Bielli
4/30/02 APRIL--A BANNER MONTH!  13 new names were added to our membership list in the month of April making it one of our largest monthly increases on record.  The names added in April include:
Barbara Schumann, Florence (Pat) Brady, Elaine Lokietz, Jane Bielli, JEANETTE LOMBARDI, August DiRenzo, Grace Conti, Marie Paladino, Donald Peacock, Antoinette Agnello, Pauline Riela, and Bea Jahnsen, Anthony Tucci.  If you haven't yet welcomed them to the group, now is as good a time as any.
4/30/02 LAST CALL FOR BBQ: Anyone who is not on the YES list by midnight tonight (PST) will not be admitted to the BBQ.  If you want to join us for this great day at the school but you don't see your name on the YES list you must contact us today!
4/25/02 TIME IS RUNNING OUT FOR THE BBQ. There are only 6 days left, including today, to get your name on the guest list.  We still show 14 names on the maybe list, and 117 who have not responded.  This affaire will, no doubt, be a memorable occasion for every one attending.  If you've been meaning to get your reservation but keep forgetting to do it, there's no time like the present.  Just CLICK HERE and reserve your place at the table.
4/22/02 JANE BIELLI IS ON THE WAY IN: We've received two online submissions from her and will have the rest of her data shortly.  In the meantime you can click on her name and send her a note to make her feel welcome.
4/22/02 TIME IS RUNNING OUT FOR THE BBQ. There are only 9 days left, including today, to get your name on the guest list.  The list will be sealed on 4/30/02.  Anyone whose name does not appear on the list will not be admitted to the great day of food and memories.  The RSVP page has been modified.  All names now appear in alphabetical order by yearbook last name.  There are now three lists posted (YES, NO, AND MAYBE) and if you don't find your name on one of these lists we have not yet received your RSVP.  It is customary among civilized people that an invitation is replied to with an RSVP. If you have not yet responded please do so immediately, while you are thinking of it.
4/22/02 OLD NEWS: Last week we added two more names to our list, finishing the week with 203 members. Let's keep up the good work!

Week Ending 04/21/02

Active Membership - 203

August DiRenzo
Sheila Schaeffer
4/21/02 TIME IS RUNNING OUT FOR THE BBQ. There are only 10 days left, including today, to get your name on the guest list.  The list will be sealed on 4/30/02.  Anyone whose name does not appear on the list will not be admitted to the great day of food and memories.  The RSVP page has been modified.  All names now appear in alphabetical order by yearbook last name.  There are now three lists posted (YES, NO, AND MAYBE) and if you don't find your name on one of these lists we have not yet received your RSVP.  It is customary among civilized people that an invitation is replied to with an RSVP. If you have not yet responded please do so immediately, while you are thinking of it.
4/20/02 TWO MORE TO WELCOME: Click on the names above to send an email welcoming Jeanie and Augie to the association.
4/15/02 OLD NEWS: Last week we broke the 200 mark, ending the week with 201 active members.  Let's keep up the good work!

Week Ending 04/14/02

Active Membership - 201

Grace Conti
Marie Paladino
Donald Peacock
Antoinette Agnello
Mike Kerpel
January Senior Day
4/14/02 JANUARY SENIOR DAY: This new section is set up just like the June Centerfold Section and the January Prom section, where a click on any piece of it will take you to an enlarged picture.  A click on the enlarged shot then returns you to the main page.  Unfortunately I returned the June book I was working with before coming up with this technique.  If someone would like to scan pages 24 and 25 of the June Yearbook and email me the full sized (300 DPI) photos as JPG files I'll do the same for June's Senior Day.  They must be full sized so that I can crop out the individual photos full sized before resizing the main photo.
4/10/02 200 STRONG AND GROWING: With the addition of Marie Paladino we arrived at a new milepost.  Donald Peacock comes with Annette as a happily married couple, bring to four the number of married couples from the 1953 class.
4/10/02 ANTOINETTE AGNELLO alias Annette, Toni, or Nettie Agnello came to us by way of Pauline Riela.  She has an email address and as soon as she emails me her data will be posted in the directory and you can all say hello to her.  She's a lot of fun to talk to.
4/9/02 DEADLINE FOR BBQ GUEST LIST is set at 4/30/02.  If you have not yet reserved your place or if you are still on the fence, you have just three weeks to decide.  Then it's "Fish or Cut Bait"  Did you know that you can monitor the guest list by clicking the BBQ RSVP link in the left column? 
4/8/02 My plans for the BBQ are firm; how about yours? I've got my ticket and lodging arrangements in place.  I'm hoping to see as many as can make it at THE BIG BBQ on 6/1/02.  If you have firmed up your plans and your resolve to be there, but have not yet submitted your RSVP, please do so ASAP.  If you are currently down as a MAYBE but now want to resubmit as a YES or NO please do so with the words, "Was Maybe", in the comment box.  That way you will be removed from the one count and added to the other.  There are still 130 who have not RSVP'd.  Remember, we need to know, Yes No, or Maybe.
4/8/02 Lots of Activity Yesterday.  If you didn't log on yesterday (Sunday) be sure to check last week's newsletter in the archives to read about our three new members, a new bio page, and the three updated pages.

Week Ending 04/07/02

Active Membership - 197

Pauline Riela
Bea Jahnsen
Anthony Tucci
Anthony Tucci
Helen Abofsky
4/7/02 The addition of Bea, Tony, and Pauline bring our total to 197.  Their full contact data should be in the directory soon, but you may email your welcome to them now by clicking on their names in the New Members column above.
4/6/02 PLEASE READ THIS: A registration section has been added to the BBQ RSVP form.  If you are not yet registered with the 1953 Lane Alumni Association you must fill in this section
4/5/02 CHANGE OF EMAIL ADDRESS:  Rich Laudia has switched over to AOL.  His email address has been changed in the directory and on his bio page. Please change it in your records.
4/4/02 Great Response on BBQ.   The names have been coming in faster than I can keep up with them.  Even have a couple of names added to the list who have yet to contact us to become members of the Association.  We had heard that Pauline Riela was interested in joining us but have not heard from her directly.  The latest addition to the BBQ list is Marie Paladino, a June graduate who was probably contacted by someone and told about the BBQ.  These names have been added to the guest list but must check in with us to be added to the association directory.  Anyone in contact with these new recruits, please help us in bringing them on board.  If you two ladies see this, please email me with full contact information (mailing address and phone number) at
4/1/02 THE WEEK ENDED ON A HIGH NOTE with the addition of Frank Lanzarone from the January class and his wife Maria Grimaldi, from June, bringing our total membership to 194.

Week Ending 03/31/02

Active Membership - 194

Maria Grimaldi
Frank Lanzarone
Sheila Schaeffer
Kathleen Vogt
3/30/02 Good response for first day of revised form: The guest list increased by six, four people gave us a definite maybe, and 10 others said they would not be able to attend for a variety of reasons.  This is the information we need and we thank you for responding.  However, while that brings the total response to 29, it also leaves 163 who are yet to be heard from.  Sixty-four of these are snailees and will be getting their invitations in the mail shortly.  It is to the remaining 99 of the email persuasion that we direct our plea to take a moment out of your busy schedules to go to the BBQ RSVP FORM, fill it out and send it in.  It can be done in less than a minute and will help us out immeasurably.  Remember you have the option of YES, NO, or MAYBE.  We'd like to add your name to the BBQ GUEST LIST
3/29/02 BBQ RSVP FORM now gives more options.  We'd like to hear from everyone on this as quickly as possible.  To that end the form now has two new selections added: "No, I wont be able to make it;" and "Maybe I can make it, but I'll have to let you know later."  We are expecting a good turnout for this very special event.  I've posted the names of those who have responded so far.  I'm hoping to see you all there. -WD
3/28/02 Thanks go to Rich Laudia for his help in recruiting Celia Annunziata last week and Sheila Schaeffer this week.  Their contact data is now in the directory, as is that of Kathleen Vogt who responded to a "Hi" message sent through
3/26/02 The Beat Goes On:  Two new members joined us today and can be emailed by clicking their names above.  We'll try to get all the rest of their contact data into the directory before long.
3/25/02 Don't forget to register for the School Barbecue of 6/1/02 and the Big Reunion of April 2003 or to offer Rooming Accommodations for out of town classmates during either of these events.

Week Ending 03/24/02

Active Membership - 190

Carol Gillis
Anita Lombardo
Charles Cyphers
Celia Annunziata
January Page 6
3/23/02 Can You Make Room for a guest?  It has been suggested that some of you living near the reunion site may want to open up your hearts, homes, and spare bedrooms to accomodate some of our out of town members when they travel to the Big Apple for the BBQ and/or the reunion.  If you'd like to participate in this way you may either send a personal invitation to the couple of your choice or register online with the Accommodations Form to volunteer your guest room. All such online submissions will be routed to the rooming committee to be assigned as needed.  Your reunion experience can be richly enhanced in this way, as you develop a special bond with the ones who could become your next best friends.
3/23/02 Don't forget to register for the School Barbecue of 6/1/02 and the Big Reunion of April 2003
3/23/02 Three of the Four New Members Above are the continuation of a couple of chain reactions begun last week. When Rocco Ambrosio received his reunion invitation in the mail he called Vivian Mastrodomenico, who then called Mary Viola, who called Carol Gillis, the first of this weeks entries.  Anita Lombardo was contacted by Marie Passantino who found her after learning her married name from Fran Terrasi.  Anita then put us onto Celia Annunziata, and Jeanette Lombardi who should be on board soon.  Celia Checked in tonight saying she called Sheila Shaffer who should also be contacting us soon with information on Florence Guten and Arlene Goldstein.   Others we are working on include Tony Tucci and Pauline Riela.  We have quite a recruiting stew brewing, now, and right in the middle of it is that little ol' pot stirrer, Passantino.  Keep up the good work, Marie!
3/22/02 Charles Cyphers Has Joined us as the result of Maureen Lewis finding him on  We should have some major growth coming up as more of our members start using to look up  their old friends. 
3/21/02: BARBARA ROSSMAN IS HOME AND RECOVERING: Barbara underwent surgery last week for a potentially life threatening condition.  The great news is that the growth was benign, it's been totally removed, and Barbie Sue is well on the road to recovery.  She appreciates all your prayers and good thoughts that she believes were instrumental in getting her through this harrowing experience.  She says she is still a little on the cranky side, but I'm sure your cards and letters are just what it will take to get her back to being that happy camper we've all come to know and love.  Call, email, or send her a card. All her contact data is in the directory.
Let's hear it for the Lane Debate Team!  The following is an excerpt from the New York Times of 3/14/02: "Two Lane debaters, Patricia L. Socorro and Rauldan O. Boyce, can now claim some cerebral bragging rights for the school, because Lane's debate team will be one of two high school teams representing New York City at the National Forensics League championships, the country's leading high school debate tournament. The Lane debaters reached this peak last month by defeating teams from top-flight city schools like the Bronx High School of Science and Stuyvesant High School."  You may read the entire story at:  And you can read all about the Urban Debate Leagues by going here:  Our thanks go to Roberta Goldman Zinbarg for sharing this heartwarming news with us.

Week Ending 03/17/02

Active Membership - 186

Mary Viola Gutheinz
Rose Riela
Frances Terrasi
3/14/02 Directory Is Up To Date: Both of our new members from this week are now in the directory.  Give them a call, or send them a card, letter, or email to welcome them to the fold.  This is an important part of belonging to an association like ours.  Most of us can still remember the warm welcome we received when our membership was announce to the group.  Just a few words of encouragement can go a long way.
3/13/02 Rose Riela Has joined the Group. No email address yet but her snail-addy and phone number will be in the directory directly.  Here's another team effort that paid off.  Maniscalco remembered that Riela had a brother named Jimmy.  Marie Passantino's husband, Ray Ferraro looked up James Riela on and came up with two of them.  Marie P. then got on the phone and found that one of them was indeed Rose's brother.  Rose is very excited about what's going on here and will be contacting her cousin, Pauline from the June class, about it.  And the beat goes on...
3/13/02 New Name Added to Deceased List: The name of Mary Panzella from the January class has been added to the deceased list, based on information supplied to us by Mary Viola.
3/13/02 Welcome Mary Viola to The Group by clicking on her name above.  Her full contact information will soon be added to the directory.  Mary emailed us after being found and recruited by Marie Passantino, acting on a tip from Vivian Mastrodomenico.  Marie still leads the pack in our recruiting contest, but there's lots of time left to catch her.  Remember the rules.  You must make the initial contact and get the new recruit to contact us here at zazzoom.
3/13/03 Barbeque and Tour At The School:  In an ongoing show of support for our reunion project, Lane's principal, Paul Pedota called Marie Passantino, chairman of the Reunion Planning Committee, with an offer to throw a barbeque for the class on school grounds to be followed by a tour of the school.  The entire affair is to be the treat of Paul and his vice principle Herb Heumann.   It is scheduled for June 1, 2002 from 1-4 PM, with everything moving to the the second in the event of rain.  They have asked for a number of how many will attend, so please contact Marie Passantino for more information or to put your name on the list.  Be sure to let her know how many will be attending.  You may also submit your reservations online
3/11/02 VILLA ROMA QUESTIONS: For information pertaining to location and facilities visit them at  It is a two hour drive from NYC and a one hour drive from the Stewart airport.  The dates selected were based on getting the most affordable package available, the month of April falling after the ski season and before the late spring and summer vacationers invade the area.
3/11/02 MAILERS AND ONLINE SELECTION FORM FOR REUNION CHOICE: I'd like to acknowledge the great job done by the planning committee in narrowing down our reunion location possibilities to three.  They worked diligently on this project to find the most suitable choices after having determined that the majority of the members preferred the New York area to Los Vegas and Florida, which had also been suggested.  They then spent several days creating a flyer and several more days mailing them out to the entire membership.  The online form was added to the web to give the members the option to file their choices in that way should they prefer.  This is a common practice of businesses that often mail out order forms with their advertisements, but also include an alternate web address for ordering online.   It was never meant to change in any way what was accomplished by the committee, not can it ever detract from the magnitude of that accomplishment.  The comments box in that form is not asking for suggestions of other locations than the ones shown.  That ship has sailed.  Furthermore if you have already sent in your preference via the mailer, please don't resend it online.  When it has been determined by the committee that a majority of the membership has responded, the votes will be tallied and final arrangements will be made to firm up the reunion package receiving the most votes.

Week Ending 03/10/02

Active Membership - 184

Vivian Mastrodomenico
Dolores Gabbett
Claire Malkevitch
3/10/02: Contact Data has been added to the directory for Vivian Mastrodomenico, France Terrasi, and (finally) Josephine Cannella, whose info was sent in on 2/9/02 but got dropped into a crack for a month.  All members should double-check their listings in the directory.  If you don't find your full data but think you remember sending it in, you probably did.  Just get on me about it and I'll try to fish it out of wherever it's hiding on my hard drive. -wd
3/10/02: IN RESPONSE TO YOUR MANY QUESTIONS ABOUT VILLA ROMA please pull up the following link where you will find most of the answers you seek:  Direct all other question to Marie Passantino Ferraro.
3/10/02: Welcome Vivian Mastrodomenico to our Association by clicking her name above and sending her an email.  We have all her contact dat and she will be added to the directory soon.  this contact came as the result of a lead from Domenick Mancuso concerning her approximate whereabouts together with her new last name as it appears on  From there it was a simple matter of pulling it up on  The recruiting contest is still going on so, now that you know the process, why not get out and find more of our misplaced alumni.
3/9/02: CAST YOUR VOTE ONLINE.  CLICK HERE for an interactive form designed to let you vote online for your choice of reunion sites.  
3/6/02: IMPORTANT INFORMATION CONCERNING LOCATION AND SCHEDULE FOR OUR REUNION has been mailed out to all members for whom we have mailing addresses.  There are still many who have not sent us their complete contact information.  If you have not sent in your street address and phone number you will not be included in this process.  If you have not received this important piece of mail and don't remember whether or not you sent us your contact data, send it in again. Your mailing address and phone number is necessary to participate in our association plans.  It will be kept in strict confidence and will not appear in the directory if that is your desire.  
3/6/02: THE APPEAL FOR BIOS SEEMS TO HAVE FALLEN ON DEAF EARS.  With the exception of Dolores and Claire sending in recent photos for their existing pages there was no response to that appeal of two weeks ago.  If you really don't want to be a part of this group effort, please notify us and we will remove you from the list.  If the problem is that you do not go on line or check your email very often, please either get in the habit of doing so or let us know that you want to be on the snail mail list. -wd 

Week Ending 03/03/02

Active Membership - 183

2/26/02 Welcome Fran Terrasi From the January Class!  Found her name on, sent her little note and she responded immediately.  It's that easy, Guys and Gals. The recruiting contest in still going on and this is one avenue we all need to be monitoring.  Send Fran a welcome note by clicking on her name above.  We'll have her in the directory before long.
2/25/02 NEWSDAY ADDS TWO MORE TO OUR LIST:  The last time they ran an announcement of our planned reunion it brought in George O'Kane and his lovely wife, the former Angelina Scala.  This time, thanks to the initiative of Marie Passantino, Dee Mazzeo checked in with her contact info and that of Carmela (Millie) Marraro.  
2/25/02 Don't forget the recruiting contest announced on 2/14/02.  Marie Passantino Ferraro now takes the early lead with two recruits.  There are more than three months left until 6/1/02 when we announce the winners, so lets get busy.   Go through your Christmas Card Lists, sign up with, take out an ad in your local paper, do a search on and yahoo, or just thumb through your telephone book.  These are all excellent methods that have helped to bring us this far, but there is still a long way to go if we are to find or account for the 767 graduates for both of our classes.  With a spirited combined effort our reunion could be the party to beat all parties.  Let's make it happen.

Week Ending 02/24/02

Active Membership - 182

Carmela Marraro
Dominica Mazzeo
2/24/01 Two new Members:  Dee Mazzeo saw Marie (Passantino) Ferraro's reunion announcement in Newsday and called her to say that she wants in along with her friend Carmela Marraro.  We'll have more news and details on this tomorrow. 

2/24/02 The Riddle:  By now everyone is probably aware of the answer to the riddle posed on 2/18/02 concerning the Palindrome 2002 2002 2002.  According to the riddle's basic assumptions that this only occurs once every thousand and one years, the acceptable answer is that the phenomenon  was never seen before because there were no digital clocks in 1001 and it will never occur again because digital clocks only go to 24:39 and would not register this event the same way in 3003The first to come up with the right answer was Willie Carrollo  For those of you who haven't had the pleasure, Willie is the husband of Rosemarie Lisa from the January class.  Others who got that answer include Helene Schottenfeld, Sy Solomon, and Myra Buongervino Dellacroce.
However, on 2/19/02 I received this message from Maureen Lewis Alhouse:

As for harmony every 1000 years, another is not possible because the military
clock only goes to 2400 hours.  Therefore 3003 as time would be impossible.
However what is wrong with  9:12 PM on the 21st of Dec in 2112?  It would 
read 2112 2112 2112. This comes from my, retired from 31 years in the Army,

Whoever it was that started the rumor that this only happens once in a millennium led us all astray.

   So Let's hear it for the Colonel, Bob Alhouse who is keeping us all straight.

2/18/02 BIOS PLEASE:  A while back I thought it would be a good idea to make a page for everyone whether they'd sent in their bios or not.  It was a bad idea.  This whole effort is a group undertaking and you will only get out of it what you are willing to put into it.  Sending in your bio info may sound like a take it or leave it thing to you, but it is a meaningful part of your active participation and, to the rest of us, it is a debt you owe.  Why should you get to read about us if we can't read about you?  Please, if you have not already done so, take a few moments to send us a short blurb about your life since Lane.  If you can send along a recent photo, that will be a plus.
2/18/02 NEW INTERNAL SEARCH ENGINE This is something that should come in handy but in order to give it to you I had to relocate the directory.  Since the engine searches all the web files, linked or not to any other pages, pulling up any name would have given you access to the directory page.  It was therefore necessary to move the confidential directory to a whole nuther web.  Watch for the email telling you where to find it.
2/18/02 TEST YOUR BRAINPOWER:  The hour, minute, day, month, and year have been in perfect harmony once every 1000 years and it will be happening again for the very last time this week.  At precisely 8:02 PM on the 20th of February in 2002 digital clocks displaying the time and date in the military mode will read: 2002 2002 2002
Why was this major phenomenon never seen before and why will it never occur again?
If you think you know the answer, email it to me Then look for the answer here on Friday along with the names of all who figured it out. 

Week Ending 02/17/02

Active Membership - 180

Dolores Gabbett
January Celebs
Willie Manning
2/17/01 JANUARY CENTERFOLD: June and January students alike should enjoy this look at the January Senior Celebs.  Just click on the link above and then zoom in on the celebrities of of the January senior class. 
 2/16/01 RONA TROTTMAN who joined our group back in October of last year has not been email accessible all this time because of an error in her email address.  That error is currently corrected in the directory and you may now send her a warm zazzoom welcome by clicking on her name above.
A LITTLE CLARIFICATION: The foregoing message seems to have caused a bit of concern about my health and my role in the reunion effort.  On the health issue there is no reason for concern.  For the past six weeks I've been fighting an annoyingly painful case of shingles, but it is finally losing its grip  on me and I should be back to normal in the very near future.  If you are unfamiliar with the disease and want to learn more about it, go to and key in "shingles disease".  You will find more information on it than you should ever need to know.  As for the recent change in responsibilities, what is being effected is a separation of the alumni association from its supporting website.  Marc has agreed to take on the tremendous task of building, inspiring, promoting, and caring for the needs of the association.  I remain the webmaster of zazzoom, and this WAZZUP page will continue to be your first line of communication for late breaking news, but my association duties are now limited to breaking in my replacement.  I will still be the one to contact with matters concerning the web and, of course, I am still behind this reunion effort 100%.  Please continue to feel free to email me regularly.  I value your friendship and continue to thrive on your expressions of love.  -WD    
2/14/01 MARC SCARR ASSUMES NEW DUTIES: Most of us still think of him as Marc Sciacchitano even though we are grateful to him for shortening his name.  Since joining us on 11/30/01 he has continually asked (several times a week) what he can do to help.  A few days after joining us he sent in the photo, "JAN. 3, 1953--PROM NIGHT AT THE STATLER," which we have all since been enjoying online in the MEMORIES section.  Due to ill health and other pressing responsibilities I have slowed down considerably in recent months and have longed for someone to take over the work with the zeal and enthusiasm required to keep this thing rolling.  Marc has stepped up to the plate for this huge endeavor.  In the weeks to come you will all be hearing from him with regular encouraging updates and reminders similar to what was done prior to the creation of this page.  Please show him the same respect, cooperation, support, and appreciation you have afforded me in the past.  Every effort such as this one requires a chief coordinator, communicator, and cheer-leader if it is to attain its ultimate potential.  With that in mind I gladly hand off the Lane Pom-Poms to Marc.  May we all grow in the months ahead, not only in numbers but in our enthusiasm toward this joint voluntary reunion project, and in our love for one another through the efforts of Marc Scarr and the spirit and energy he is able to generate and infuse into us all. -WD
2/14/01 SPRING RECRUITING CONTEST IS UNDERWAY!  Let's see what can be accomplished with a concentrated effort to find our old classmates and bring them into the fold. Between now and June 1, 2002 we will be running a contest to see who can bring in the most new recruits.  Ten top winners winners will be specially honored at are reunion awards ceremony.  Get out those old Christmas card lists, phone books, and any other means at your disposal to track down your favorite classmates.  Some online helps are and  You will find many names on that are not in our list.  Get them to contact us naming you as their sponsor and they are your recruits. It's that easy.  We'll have all the details formulized in the next day or two, so keep watching and let's talk it up!  
2/13/02 Willie Manning from the June Class recently sent us some family picture that have now been added to his bio page.  Click on his name above to see this fine looking family.

Week Ending 02/10/02

Active Membership - 180

Josephine Cannella
2/6/02 This message came in today from Johanna Giannone
"It is with great sadness to tell you that my beloved mother, Frances Giannone passed away on Thursday, Jan. 31st at the age of 102.  She was my "best friend", "teacher", "dance partner" and so much more.  I miss her terribly and am hurting with the loss of my mother
JOSEPHINE CANNELLA SKINNER, from the June class, has a new computer and recently sent us her bio information along with a recent picture.  Her new email address has been added to the directory, but if you'd like to congratulate her on her technological advancement you can do so by clicking her name in this paragraph.  Be sure to visit her page, by clicking on her name in the box above, and read the story of her happy life since Lane.

Week Ending 02/03/02

Active Membership - 180

Joseph F. Stetina
Deceased List
1/31/02: Welcome Helen Keyes from the June graduating class, by clicking on her name above and dropping her a line.
1/29/02: Joseph Stetina has been added to the Deceased List, after receiving a message from his sister, Karolyn, telling us that he died in 1963 before she was born.  She then proceeded to furnish us further details of his life and death. Josh graduated with the January class and was a member of the biology club.  We'd like to hear from all who remember him.  A memorial page has been created for him.

Week Ending 01/27/02

Active Membership - 179

Willie Manning
Jay Sussell

1/23/02: Sorry if I've been a little slow to respond lately--been sick. -WD

Week Ending 01/20/02

Active Membership - 179

June Page 72
June Page 73
June Page 74
June Page 75

1/18/01 The June Book is Finished!  Well, it all scanned and the pages are up on the web, anyway.  No one will be happier to hear that more than Maureen, who loaned me her yearbook for a couple of weeks about a year ago.  She almost flew out here to get it a couple of times but her flight was cancelled each time.  I took that to mean there was more work to be done on it.
     Thanks, Maureen.   -Warren.

1/18/02 Carol Bader is finally added to the directory.  Due to a filing error Carol seems to have been dropped into a nook or cranny for a while.  She is now in the directory where she belongs and you may email her from there.

1/16/01 New Order to Archives. There also seems to have been some confusion generated by the chronological order of the linked dates at the top of the Archives.  They have now been rearranged to reverse chronological order with the most recent week coming first at the top of the list.
1/15/01 "HELP" in Navigating has been added to the HOME page.  Several of you have expressed your disapproval of the new home page.  The biggest complaint is navigating from that page so I've added a HELP page that should answer all your questions and hopefully solve any problems you may have had.

Week Ending 01/13/02

Active Membership - 179

Willie Manning
Earline Brathwaite
Adele Rawlins
Alfrieda Nevins
June Page 70
DIRECTORY NOW SORTABLE BY PHONE NUMBER - Now you can see who is a local phone call away from you.   Try it out.  Reach out and touch someone.  If you don't find yourself on the phone number page it is probably because you chose not to share this information with us. 
1/10/02-Earline, Adele, and Alfrieda are all added as snailers.  Their contact data is in the directory.  To welcome them to the association you may either drop them a line or give them a call.
1/08/02-Welcome Willie Manning, our first new member of 2002, by clicking on his name above and dropping him a line.  His full contact information will be added to the internet.  This brings our active membership to 176. 

Week Ending 01/06/02

Active Membership - 175

June Page 14 (WIP)
June Page 20
1/5/02  Ruth Torffield Levy  will be undergoing surgery next week for breast cancer, but she says not to worry--she'll be fine.    Ruthie  has been there/done 13 years ago and views this as nothing more than a big fat nuisance.  You may want to drop her a line, though,
1/2/02 - THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR GENEROUS DONATIONS TO NPZThe checks have been trickling in slowly but steadily and many more of you have promised to participate in the new year.  For the benefit of those of you who haven't heard, this web has grown into a ravenous monster and is eating up more and more of the webmaster's valuable time.  Anything that your heart moves you to contribute to the support of this effort will be greatly appreciated.

12/31/01- Looks like we finally made it to the end of 2001.  May 2002 be a year of healing for all of us as we continue to reach toward our goal of locating all 767 Lane graduates from 1953.  We finished the year with 175 active members in our association and we have accounted for about 35 more who are either deceased or have respectfully declined the invitation to join us.  There are also many names on of our fellow grads who have not responded to emailed invitations.  The latest to enroll there are Kathy Simonson, Carol Wells, Marilyn Ucko, Leslie Franks, and Robert Perrin, all of whom were recently invited and whose replies we are anxiously awaiting.  If you were close to any of these, please help us encourage them to join the fold.