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Year Ending 12/31/01

Active Membership - 175

Lucille DeLuce
Elmer Flemings
Carolyn Davis
Lucille DeLuce
WELCOME Lucille DeLuce into the fold by clicking her name and dropping her a line.
FOUR NEW NAMES WERE ADDED LAST WEEK FOR A TOTAL OF 174.  Most of this was due to the untiring efforts of Louis Robinson and Lew Wexler.
ZAZZOOM IS UNDERGOING A FACELIFT AGAIN.  If you're like me you like a  change of scenery now and then.  As much time as we all spend on this web it doesn't hurt to occasionally upgrade its appearance.  

Week Ending 12/23/01

Active Membership - 174

Don Podos
Doris Striggles
Carolyn Davis
Elmer Flemings
Doris Striggles
June Prom Party
Roberta Goldman
Anita Timis

ZAZZOOM needs to break down more often.  We added three new members while zazzoom was in limbo.  Doris Carolyn and Elmer are three of four referrals from Louie mentioned below.  You can email Doris now by clicking on her name, but for the other two you'll have to wait a while.  Carolyn has a computer at work where she will be accessing  the web but apparently without email privileges.  Elmer has a new ISP and needs to find out what his email address is.  We should have that soon. 

Many Thanks to all who have responded generously to Zazzoom's appeal for financial support.  Several of you wrote back immediately asking for my address.  Now that the directory is back up and running we hope to hear from many more.  In case you did not receive the letter emailed to the membership on 12/18/01  You may CLICK HERE to read it in its entirety. 

APOLOGIES FOR THE INTERRUPTION IN ZAZZOOM-  I realize many of you have been suffering withdrawal pains after being denied access to your website.  What happened was I let the domain name registration expire.  The warning notices were sent to my old (defunct) email address, and when there was no response after fifteen days the server automatically shut us down.   The process of restoration always takes 12-24 hours.  Believe me, this had nothing to do with the launching of the new voluntary support program launched during that period. 

Say Hello to Don Podos by clicking on his name above.   Don was brought into the fold through the efforts of Lew and Susan Wexler.  He'll be added to the directory tomorrow.

We finished off last week with 170 Members.  I feel like we're getting down to the wire now.  When we started this thing around August of 2000 some thought we were rushing the season.  Now with about a year and half to go and about 450 more to find, it becomes clear that, if we are to reach our goal of finding or accounting for everyone in time for the big event, we need to get hustling.

Louie Robinson gave me four more names with phone numbers.  They will be contacted ASAP and, with any luck at all., we'll be 175 soon.  Louie's commitment to this cause is exemplary.  If the other 169 of us shared his spirit, we'd be adding 10 a week, every week.  Come on Guys and Goils--Oprah and Barbara are waiting to cover the biggest party of 68-year-olds on record.  Let's not let them down.

Time to identify the players in January Prom Night?  We've been getting a lot of positive response to the January Prom Night photo in the Memories section.  Soon we'll begin trying to put names on everybody.  If you have found yourself in the picture and can identify some of those with you, please let us know.

Does anyone have a photo of the June Prom Night?  If you have one and wouldn't mind parting with it for a while, you can be the hero of your class by sending it.

Week Ending 12/16/01

Active Membership - 170

Carolyn Frost Perlowitz
JAN. 3, 1953--PROM NIGHT AT THE STATLER is now up and running.  Just click Memories, then Memorabilia, then Prom Night.  When it opens up you can click on any spot to zoom in on it.  Then click the blow-up to go back to the main picture and pic another spot.  Many thanks to Marc Scarr for this great picture and the memories it triggers for all of us who were there.
Say Hello to Carolyn Frost by clicking on her name above.  Carolyn is the third recruit brought in by Sandy Bader since she joined us just about a month ago.

Week Ending 12/09/01

Active Membership - 169

Mildred Leonard Romano
Richard Gaines
Richard Gaines
RICHARD "CHINK" GAINES is our newest find, thanks to the on-going efforts of Louis RobinsonHis bio and contact info will be
WELCOME MILDRED LEONARD to our association by clicking on her name above.  Her contact info and bio will be forthcoming.
LATEST MEMBERS ADDED TO THE DIRECTORY INCLUDE Jay Sussell, Marc Sciacchitano, and May Fallica.  If you haven't already dropped them a line of welcome, there's no time like the present to do so.

Week Ending 12/02/01

Active Membership - 167

Marc Sciacchitano
May Fallica
Carol Bader
Jay Sussell
Marc Sciacchitano
May Fallica

Two more of our classmates have been added to the deceased list based on information obtained from friends and relatives and deed to be reliable.  The latest names are Marquerite (Peggy) Fasullo for January and Dorothea Finnie from June. 
Not sure when or even if she graduated but one of our members would like to locate her.  If anyone has any knowledge of her whereabouts please let us know.
Carol Bader joined us today (12/01) but we don't have much info on her as yet.  She'll be sending her bio and contact data soon via Web TV email.
Welcome May Fallica to our group. 
The link on the left above is for email and on the right for her page.  This influx of new recruits is the result of Barbara Rossman discovering a whole new list of names on under the name of F.K. Lane.  It pays to browse the schools once in a while. 
Welcome Marc Sciacchitano to our group
by clicking his name in the New Members column above and sending him an email.  By the way, his new name is Marc Scarr.  That should make it a bit easier for all of us. 

Week Ending 11/25/01

Active Membership - 164


WELCOME JAY SUSSELL TO THE ASSOCIATION.  While we are waiting for his bio and contact info for the directory you may contact him by clicking on his name above.

Week Ending 11/18/01

Active Membership - 163

Sandra Weinberg Bader
Alvin Bader
Sandy Weinberg came to us through and brought with her the contact information for her brother-in-law Al Bader from the January class and her sister-in-law Carol Bader from the June class.  Al was contacted and wants to join us as a snailmailee.  Carol has been emailed but has yet to respond.
We're saddened by the death of Gerry Bonanno who lost her battle to cancer on or around 11/11/01.  The word came in about the same time my computer problems wee happening.  Many of you remember Gerry as the class baby of the January class.  You may share your memories of her on her page by emailing them to me. 
A major mistake led to my losing all updates after 8/19/01.  Check your pages and see if they have regressed since you last saw them.  I need to know what needs rebuilding. 
SORT YOUR ONLINE DIRECTORY FOR THE BEST USAGE.   One of our members emailed me recently that, by re-sorting the directory, he learned of two other grad families living in his town, one of whom was a walking distance of only two minutes away.  "We have been living around the corner from each other for 30 yrs," he told me excitedly.  
     Have you tried sorting your directory by city to see who is close by, or by zipcode to see who might be in a neighboring town, or by state to plan a mini reunion of your own?  Only remember someone's first name?  Do you ever get an unsigned email and can't figure out who it's from?  Did you meet someone who introduced themselves by a new last name and you don't remember their yearbook name?  Want to see how many are from the January Class or how many from June?   Just click a column's header or footer to sort the directory in that order.  

Week Ending 11/04/01 Active Membership - 161


Rona Trottman Thomson

Sydelle Lieberwitz


Cat Jokes

Log Dreams

Welcome our two new members. Rona Trottman came to us through the efforts of Maureen Lewis acting on a lead from Louie Robinson. Sydelle was the result of an ad placed in a Long Island paper by Marie Passantino. This is the sort of teamwork that is needed if we are to reach our goal of locating all 767 graduates from 1953. You can email Rona now by clicking on her name above, or wait till their info is added to the directory and write or phone them.

Cat Jokes is the latest addition to our web. Besides being good for a chuckle you will notice that it is in a frames format. I've held off from setting up the web in frames since some servers don't support that venue. What you should be seeing is a page in four separate sections. Both the contents frame (on the left) and the main frame (on the right) are independently scrollable. If you are not seeing it that way let me know and we'll see what we can do about it. If no one has a problem with this section we might set up the entire web in frames for easier navigation.

Log Dreams is something I had to move off my other web to free up some space. Actually that's also why Cat Jokes is here. I linked them to our web just in case they may be of interest to some of you.

Week Ending 10/28/01 Active Membership - 159


Other classes’ members have been contacting us lately asking to be included in our activities. The way things have slowed down in the past two months we may need to open this up to them just to fill a small room. Our growth seems to have all but come to a standstill. Please dig out those old address books and give us some clues to the whereabouts of more class members. 0r better yet go find them yourselves and tell them about our association. If anyone would like to volunteer for the recruiting committee please email

Ruth Torffield Levy has been put to work on the snail mail committee. Ruth was quick to answer the urgent appeal for volunteers in October's newsletter. That willing spirit is appreciated by all. Others are still needed. The old saying, “Many hands make light work” was never truer than in an operation such as this.

Week Ending10/21/01 Active Membership- 159

Dolores Thomas Cunningham
Sal Anziano
January Page 56

  Converted Snail Mailee, Sal Anziano would like to announce the joyous news of a new arrival in his household; a new computer. His email address is now a part of the directory or can be accessed from his web page that now sports a recent picture Sal and his wife, Mary Ann.

 Dolores Thomas Cunningham is our new member for this week. Her complete information will be added to the directory today, but you don't have to wait for that. Send her a cheery greeting by clicking on her name in the NEW MEMBERS box above.

MY PERSONAL OPINION - FOR WHAT ITS WORTH: Call me calloused and insensitive1 but the vast majority of the many unsolicited emails reaching my inbox in the past few weeks have been routed to my trash bin without so much as a read. I'm just not into this electronically circulated brand of religious patriotism that seems aimed at stirring up the rabble and promoting a thirst for blood. That's just not my thing. Then, amid this tide of slush, came the following heartfelt message from one of our New York members, Barbara Rossman, to help me understand feelings I could not possibly know without being there. I've reread it many times since then and have come to appreciate it as the sort of message that needs to be published somewhere. Here it in its entirety:


Hello Warren;
Well, things here in NY are getting back to a new standard of "normal" as I’m sure you have heard. If not, let me give you some info:
   There is a groundswell movement to keep Rudy G. going beyond his term, as Mayor of NYC, with perhaps a "possibility" of changing Inauguration date to April 1St. Just about all of bridges and tunnels are now open In both directions, that is to say, in and out of Manhattan from Brooklyn (Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel), Brooklyn Bridge, Queens-Midtown Tunnel, Holland Tunnel, George Washington Bridge.  All others have pretty much been open since the day after Devastation Day on Sept 11.
   Mayor G. has banned all one-passenger cars from Manhattan crossings, in the interest of keeping traffic to a minimum and of getting people back onto and into mass transit.
   The clean-up from the WTC disaster will take up to a year and the wounds in the memories and hearts of New Yorkers will take God knows how much longer than that. Most of us still get flashbacks and our tears are always dose to the surface.
   Flags are now flying from private homes, theaters, restaurants, cars and candy stores, as well as the usual places like schools, banks and office buildings and apartment complexes. Even on the 4th of July, I have not witnessed such a show of pride and patriotism.
   The tempo of street traffic is somehow different, the usual blaring of horns is all but non-existent, the pushing and shoving is a mere trickle. The pace and the pulse of the city is slower, subdued. We all seem to be walking like recovering patients in a post-surgical ward, like people just recently awakened from sleep.
   My Email becomes more and more inundated with more and more poems, odes and satirical materials as regards the Flag, presidential speeches (that never were and should be) and attacks on the Islamic zealots.  Some of it is obscene, some is beautiful. Some I share with friends and family, others I delete ASAP. Some make me cry, others make me indignant. Some are dignified, others are beneath contempt. When I ride along the LIE or the Belt Parkway westbound, I no longer see the Twin Towers as they were, but only as I saw them last: two smoking and fiery hulks.  It is almost impossible to accept that those goliaths went down in seconds, taking with them an immense numbers of human lives and leaving so many of us bereft of loved ones. We will mourn them always, even if they were strangers we never met.
   When I stated that we are getting back to a new standard of normal, it might have seemed like an oxymoron.. But in the present climate of suspicion and paranoia we will have to rethink our attitudes towards the outside world in general and view ourselves as others see us. We will have to change our opinion of ourselves as an invulnerable powerful country and realistically acknowledge that we are not; that we
have enemies who see us as a decadent evil people and that we are not universally loved.  
    Best regards to Nell, keep your loved ones close, tell them you care.    -Barbara

Week Ending 10/07/01

Active Membership - 158


In the wake of all that's happened lately, I must admit that my heart just isn't in this right now. I tried to keep it going, but it seems more obvious to me every day that this is something you don't really need or want at this time. My requests for volunteers have all but fallen on deaf ears. You wanted a Newsletter so I tried putting one out. You wanted a chat room so I created Grad Chat. The response to these two features can best be described as underwhelming. There has been no response to my pleas for help on the newsletter, the last entry on Grad Chat was made two and a half weeks ago, and in spite of continued petitions for help with the snail mail we still have a total of six volunteers doing all the work of caring for the 50 association members who are as yet not online. New Yorkers are still walking around in shock while the rest of the world is suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and may not even be aware of what's bothering them.
If nothing else comes from the occurrences of that 911 day, we have all become painfully aware of the fragility of life and the need to live each day as though it were the last. Personally I take this as a wake-up call. There's more to life than sitting at a computer 18 hours a day in anticipation of something that is still two years off. 1 plan on taking a month off to see if I can get my head on straight and get to know my wife a little better. If anyone wants to step up and try to keep this thing going send me an email and I'll let you know how to go about it. If not, let's all take a break.

As many of you know, Marilyn went into the hospital yesterday (10/3) for surgery. The Patient Information Phone Number is 212 746-5000. You may send cards to her home address, which is in the directory.

Week Ending 9/23/01

Active Membership - 159

Lorraine Graves Stephens
Mary Iori Langhauser
Picnic Pix
Mary Iori 

Week Ending 8/19/01

Dolores Fragomele Stymerski
Betty Greene Bell
Ray Brady
Laudia's Party Pix 
A FAREWELL TO RAY BRADY.  Today we were saddened to learn that January graduate, Ray Brady lost his battle just ten months after being diagnosed with cancer.  Your cards and letters over the past weeks were greatly appreciated by the family.  Please share your memories of Ray.

Week Ending 8/12/01

Doris Frimet Krakower
Betty Staton
Doris Corbin Hartwell
Betty Staton
279 Graduate (clipping)
Fred Gallagher
Deceased List
Micki Pille Hein
NEED INFO ON DECEASED CLASSMATES.  With the addition of Fred Bohn to the list of our deceased classmates I am reminded that there are several on the list for which I have no other information.  Their names are just linked to a page in the yearbook because I don't know enough about them for an obituary.   Please look at the list when you can and, if you see someone you knew at Lane or in private life, please send me a little message about them that I can  post. 

Week Ending 8/05/01

Leona Mueck McGlone
Anthony Marino
Vivian Jenkins Johnson
Deborah Reich
Margarita Palagonia Tucholski
Bershatsky, Evelyn   
NEW STAT PAGE (see below)
June Page 7
June Page 36
June Page 48
June Page 49
June Page 51
June Page 58
June Page 61
June Page 65
THE ALUMNI DIRECTORY is now available in the following formats: EXCEL, WORD, MSWORKS.  If you have not as yet been successful in downloading this to your computer, please contact me.  We now have an optional method available just for you. -WD
NEW STAT PAGE  How did your bio page do in the month of July?  What pages had the most hits?  Where do the visitors log on and where do they go to after that? Whose bio page topped the chart with a total of 73 hits from 18 visitors?   Check it out.

Week Ending 7/29/01

Domenick Ciaramella
William Fulton
Helen Komondorea
Louis Robinson
Alfonso Stephens 
Ronaldo Figueroa
Mildred Kenney
Shirley Cook
Marcia Goldman
Page 15: An Educational Treatise
Page 27: Lane in Song and Musical Corner
Imbesi, Frank  
Page 47: Huner to Josephson - Jan
Louie Robinson came on board with 27 names and addresses  We are in the process of contacting these people now.  Those we find phone numbers for we are calling.  the rest may require some help from some in the area to contact them.  If you get an email requesting aid in this effort  please reply promptly as to whether you can help us or not.
More Volunteers Are Needed for sending out directories to the snail mail list.  If you are able to receive and print out the directory and have an hour of two per month that you can donate for a worthwhile cause, your help would be greatly appreciated.  We currently have 44 electronically handicapped alumni who must receive their copies of the directory by snail mail.  If you think you could print out five copies of the directory and address, stuff, and mail five envelopes once a month, please take one step forward by sending an email to Maureen Lewis Alhouse, who will assign you your five names and addresses.   If others of you don't have the time to donate but would like to support the effort with a small monetary donation to help cover the cost of postage, that too would be greatly appreciated by the snail mail committee who, up till now, have been shelling out the bucks themselves to make sure everyone can remain updated. 
DIRECTORY: If you have not yet received an updated, copy of the directory that is readable in one form or another, please email me and I will work each case individually.  In your email please
GROUP EMAILS:  Just a word of caution.  Since we all now have the ability to send an email to every online member of the association with the click of a mouse, there is an inherent danger of this practice getting out of hand.  If you have something that may be of interest that concerns the association's activities, feel free to use this method of mass contact.  Please DO NOT abuse this privilege by sending jokes, "cute stories," unsolicited advertising, or other things considered by many to be spam. 
THE BULLETIN BOARD: This BB is for the posting of messages that concern a major proportion of the membership and which pertain to group events open to all.  Submit any such bulletins to me, Warren Dickman.
OUR DECEASED ALUMNI LIST HAS GROWN to 23 with the addition of four of our January classmates: Joan Christmas, Bob Pitts, Virginia Simpson, and Joseph Timm.

Week Ending 7/22/01

McQueen, Joyce
Silberman, Harriet
Page 22:  The Perfect Goal -Susan Kent
Page 23: When The Tower Clock Arrives -Stuart Golann

Page 26: Book Review and Shakespeare

Davis, Robert      
Borkouski, Jennie 
Passantino, Marie 


This page is a new feature of our reunion web.  It is designed to take the place of the weekly updates you had been receiving.  It will be updated throughout the week whenever a new member, page, or bulletin is added, and when an existing page is revised.  You will want to make a habit of checking and this page regularly.  As a new week begins the old week will be archived.
The new Alumni Association Directory has been published in both EXCEL and MSWORD versions and was last revised on 7/13/ 01.  It is also being made available as jpeg files for those of you who do not have either of those programs.  Anyone needing to receive it as a jpeg or by mail please let me know.  -Warren Dickman
Final plans are being made for the picnic on August 17th.  The cost will be $28.50 per head, which includes breakfast, barbeque lunch and music.  You should make out your checks to Marie Mauro or Marie Ferraro.  They will need your money as soon as possible.  They will be meeting with the people at the place in the last week of July.