Helen Abofsky in January 1953

Helen Abofsky Lubarsky
DECEASED - JUNE 24, 2001

Memories of Helen



An extensive search, instigated by Dolores Gabbett, recently resulted in Marie Passantino locating Helen in a Smithtown hospital suffering from terminal cancer.  Marie visited her there and, when she was released and sent to her daughter's home to spend her last days, we made known to all of you in the group her condition and whereabouts.  A phone call placed this morning to check on her condition revealed that she had just lost the fight moments before.  Her daughter,  Cindy Freeman, would  like to thank all of you who have called and sent cards and letters in this past  week.   Her mother's last days were filled with joy as a result of the love you all poured out to her.
    All who would like to share their personal memories of Helen on this page are encouraged to do so by clicking on my name below to send me an email, or by writing to me personally.  Any snail mail can be addressed to me at the address in the directory. -WD

My fond memories of Helen during our years at Franklin K. Lane will always be remembered.  How could I ever forget her vibrant personality and those beautiful dimples and smile.  When I visited her in the hospital we had many laughs of our high school years.  We went through my year book and chatted for a while.  I thank God that I had the opportunity to be with her just one more time before she went to God's Kingdom.  She will always be in my thoughts and prayers.  Rest in Peace Helen, I love you.        -Marie Passantino 
I am sorry to hear about Helen.  Although she was not in my graduating class, I do remember her from school.  Always smiling she was a sweet happy go lucky gal.  I  will remember her and her family in my prayers.           -Madeline Casillo
Got the news about Helen's demise from Marie P. Ferraro.  Even though it was expected, her death touched us deeply, more so because we are so close to a grand reunion.              -Barbara Rossman
I "talked" to Helen, the night before she died.   Cindy put the phone to her mom's ear, and I told her how glad I felt that I at least had the opportunity to talk to her.  Also let her know how much I appreciated her wonderful sense of humor and fun ways all those years ago, and last, but not least, how I remembered her in prayer every day since I'd known of her illness.             -Dolores Gabbett














Editor's Note 4/8/02: The following emails were sent to us by Cindy Freeman, Helen's daughter, but somehow got lost along the way.

Dear Mr. Dickman:
On Friday I sent you an e-mail.  Since I am new and not so handy with a computer I am not sure that you received my e-mail.
    In my e-mail I thanked you for your efforts to  make my mom's last days better than anyone would of, or should of expected. Your efforts (and Marie's) were mentioned by the rabbi during mom's funeral service. I wanted you to know how important your action's were to  mom, me and the rest of the family.
    The wonderful tribute to mom on your web site was a hot topic of conversation, as a hard copy was passed around the family gathering table after the funeral.  Marie supplied the hard copy.
    Also, I thanked you for the lovely flowers. They were spectacular! They are still in my dining room, center stage on the table.  By the way, they take up most of the table.
    In closing, I asked if you had Marie's phone number. I misplaced it in a sea of paperwork. 
    Mom left  me with a lot of paperwork.  We were a week away from closing on the sale of her home when she passed.  It is a messy situation.
    My husband is very supportive and is helping me out.
    Thank you again, and again.
Cindy Freeman    Helen Abofsky Lubarsky's daughter

When asked for some information about her mother, this was Cindy's reply:

Dear Mr. Dickman:
Thank you again for your lovely e-mail.  I enjoyed reading it and I enjoyed the lovely notes written next to my mom's picture.  I have to have someone print it out for me.  My printer is hooked up to mom's computer and that is not on line yet.
    Mom was very much into computers. Much more so than me. She was involved in a chat room on aol for Jewish woman over 60. Oy Vey!   The "yenta's" were very fond of my mom. They too, were very supportive of mom during her illness.
    My mom and dad liked to travel. Well dad liked to travel and mom, well she went too. I can only assume she enjoyed all those trips to Hawaii, Mexico, Cross country. 
    Mom was the co-pilot. Dad sailed boats, flew small planes, and drove a Winnebago and mom was his co-pilot helping him navigate.
    My mom like to shop, shop, shop and so did my dad.
    My mother had a very good sense of humor.
    Things are slowly returning to normal at my home. I feel that I can begin to enjoy the summer with my family. I have been blessed with a wonderful husband and two little kids ages 3 and 5.  They keep me running.
    I took a look at your other web site and was very impressed by your "handsome" looks and your even handsomer family, including your grand kids.
    Your wife, children and grandchildren are very lucky to have some one like you that is so proud of his family. You put them right out there online for the world to see. They are your trophies. I can see how much you treasure them.
    I feel very fortunate to have cyber-met you.  You have made a great impact in my life (personally) as well as my mom's.  You gave her something, I could not have.  In a way, you helped to bring her life full circle.  Marie shared happy memories with mom.  I am confident that if mom was well the two of you would have yucked it up over the phone, (making each other laugh).
    Mr. Dickman, you have a friend in Fort Salonga, NY and If I can ever be of service, please do not hesitate to call or e-mail.
    Best wishes to you and your family,
Cindy Freeman
Helen Abofsky's daughter