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Active Membership  - 245

Roy Frieden

December 2002 JUST FOUR MONTHS TO GO TILL APRIL--Are Your Reservations Confirmed?

12/26/02 THE DIRECTORY IS NOW UP TO DATE including the Snail Mail Edition.  Please check your entries on all ten pages where it should appear and tell me if anything needs to be corrected or added. -Warren
12/24/02 WELCOME MARVIN HUNT FROM THE JUNE CLASS, who comes to us as a result of Louie Robinson's ongoing efforts.  Once Marvin registers online his contact data will be added to the directory.  For now you may welcome him by clicking on his name above and dropping him a line.
12/19/02 NEW REUNION SECTION: As the big event draws ever nearer, and your Reunion Planning Committee are working hand in glove to make our big celebration a smashing success.  To that end we have set up a special section where you will find everything you need to know about what's going on and where.  The new link (50TH REUNION) is at the top of the left sidebar of this page.  Check it out.
12/13/02  CHECK OUT ROY FRIEDEN'S BIO PAGE by clicking on the link above.  He has enjoyed a very rewarding career.
12/11/02  JOE GRASSI FROM THE JUNE CLASS HAS JOINED US: Joe signed up with and was noticed there by Barbara Rossman who tipped off yours truly.  By the time my note reached him he'd already heard about us from Willie and Rosemarie Carrollo.  You can say Hi to Joe by clicking on his name above.
12/07/02  NO HARM IN ASKING: Fred Moehring asked a few newspapers to insert a public announcement about our reunion effort.  Click Here to see the result.
12/07/02  THE NEW DIRECTORY IS NOW A REALITY BUT MANY WON'T GET IT!   Check your email now for notification of the new directory URL.  If you didn't receive it you are probably one of several whose mail was returned as undeliverable for one reason or another.  You need to email me now so I can send you the new link and update your record.  -WD
12/04/02  DIRECTORY BEING REWORKED FOR FASTER ACCESS:  Many complaints have been coming in about the directory being too slow.  The more people added to the list the slower it gets.  One of the biggest problems is that names and email addresses are also hyperlinks to bio pages and email forms.  In order to continue to provide the links and make the whole thing run more smoothly all the pages are being split in two and navigational aids are being added.  Once the overhaul has been completed all who are listed therein will be notified by email of the new URL assigned to this valuable tool.  At that time the old URL will no longer work.  The project is now in its final stages and hopefully all the bugs will be out of it and we will go live with it by the end of the week.  Keep checking this page and your email in-box for the unveiling.   Once again, please remember that this list is to be kept strictly confidential for all the obvious reasons.  -WD


Active Membership  - 243

Joyce Wurthmann
Betsy Grader
Shirley Galliego
Kenneth Bragg
11/28/02 JOSEPH KALEDA AND WILLIAM WELCH HAVE BEEN ADDED TO DECEASED LIST per information attained by Louis Robinson.  No details are known at this time as to the date or nature of their deaths.
11/28/02 SHIRLEY GALLIEGO MARSHALL HAS BEEN ADDED TO THE GROUP: Shirley is the latest find of Louis Robinson and does not have a computer.  Her data will be added to the directory so you may contact her the old fashioned way. 
11/25/02 BETSY GRADER HAS JOINED US: She is still shopping for a computer and will let us know when she gets one.  Meanwhile she has submitted her data and will be add to the directory shortly.
11/25/02 REUNION RESERVATION INFO: The column on the left has been revised with the Reunion Location Selection Page being replaced by the Reunion Reservations Page.  This has been done in the hope of clarifying just how to go about reserving the package you have selected.  Other changes to the left column include rearranging the links in order of their relative importance.
11/22/02 DIRECTORY IS UPDATED to reflect Marie's New Email Address and our latest member, JOYCE WURTHMAN.
11/11/02 JOHN AND JOYCE EBERT HAVE MOVED INTO THEIR NEW HOME.  The directory has been updated to reflect their new mailing address.
11/13/02 MARIE PASSNTINO FERARRO will have a new email address as of November 23, 2002, at which time her data will be updated in the directory. 
11/05/02  SHEILA SCHAEFFER METERSKY HAS MOVED.  The directory has been updated to reflect her new mailing address.
November 2002  NEWSLETTER IS NOW MONTHLY: After two years of updating this page weekly it suddenly dawned on your humble webslave that it makes a lot more sense to do it monthly.  This way you have the entire month's news at a glance and it makes a lot less work for yours truly.  It should also work better for the snail mailers whose mailings go out monthly.  The archives will also be converted to this new format in the near future.  -WD 


Active Membership - 240

Kenneth Bragg
Roy Frieden
Michael Josephson
Marilyn Hardiman
10/27/02  THE DIRECTORY HAS BEEN BROUGHT UP TO DATE with the addition of the four latest arrivals: Kenneth Bragg, Roy Frieden, Marilyn Hardiman, and Michael Josephson.  The update covers all pages including the Snail Mail Edition.  
10/21/02  KENNY BRAGG FROM THE JANUARY CLASS is alive and well in North Carolina and is the latest find of Louie Robinson.  We'll be getting all his contact info soon, but you may say hi to him by clicking on his name above.
10/20/02  MARILYN HARDIMAN FROM THE JUNE CLASS found us online and submitted her registration form.  We are awaiting confirmation of her contact info for the directory.
10/20/02  MICHAEL JOSEPHSON FROM THE JANUARY CLASS is the other Louie Robinson find that we've been waiting for.  He will be added to the directory soon.
10/16/02  ROY FRIEDEN FROM THE JANUARY CLASS has joined our ranks thanks to the efforts of Louis Robinson.  Louie found both Roy and another January classmate who has not yet responded to our request for confirmation.  We'll let you know as soon as he checks in.
10/14/02  REUNION INFORMATION: Any questions concerning the upcoming reunion are to be addressed to the planning committee comprised of Marie Passantino, Marie Maniscalco, and Jo Contino.
10/12/02 SUSSELLS COME TO MORGAN HILL: Jay and Flo Sussell are currently visiting with the Dickmans at their home in Morgan Hill, CA.  A great time is being had talking about all of you and hamming it up for the camera.  


Active Membership - 235

Annette Lancaster
9/28/02  REUNION RESERVATION FLYER: If you have not yet responded to the flyer you received in the mail requesting deposits for our upcoming reunion, please do so at your earliest convenience.  The planning committee is working on our program for that occasion and it will be outlined for you here as soon as I receive it.
9/22/02 GOOD EMAIL MANNERS ARE ENCOURAGED HERE.  We all like to keep in touch on a regular basis but, unless specifically requested, passing on jokes and other junk mail we receive is not the way to do it.  Sure we may have laughed at a cute joke someone sent us and, sure, we think that everyone in our address book would benefit from it as well.  But many of us have better things to do that to read everything making the rounds in cyberspace.  A far better way to keep in touch is to just send a few short original words from the heart.  These are always appreciated. -WD 
9/18/02 POSSIBLE VIRUS ALERT: Do not open anything that appears to come from me that you are not expecting.  One of our members received a message from my address telling of a new game I'd developed and encouraging her to open an attached zip file.  Seems like someone is up to no good.  If anyone else has received anything from me that they were not expecting and didn't understand, please let me know so I may resolve the problem. To avoid reoccurrences and minimize our susceptibility to future exploitation of this nature, I'll be removing all email addresses from this web.  -WD  
9/16/02 ANNETTE LANCASTER FROM THE JUNE CLASS IS HERE.  Annette doesn't have an email address yet but her contact data will be in the directory soon.  Anyone wanting to call her before then can email me for the number.  This is another contact from Louis Robinson.
09/13/02 JUST LIKE DOWNTOWN AT THE COSMO (as we used to say): If anyone is interested in staying in the city, rooms can be reserved at the Cosmopolitan Hotel where Sandy Weinberg's son Larry Bader is manager.  He is offering a nice discount to anyone going to the reunion.  Go to for location and prices.  If interested contact Maureen for group reservation details.  The more the merrier. 
09/10/02 NEW HOTEL ARRANGEMENTS PAGE The 4th option offered in the left column has been changed to HOTEL ARRANGEMENTS.  It has now been made into an interactive form for our out of town members.  If you are coming to New York for the reunion and would like to stay in a hotel with other association members this is for you.  Check it out.  
9/5/02 WELCOME WALTER EGBERT FROM THE JANUARY CLASS.  Walter just checked in with us via the registration page of the web.  His data will be added to the directory as soon as possible. In the meantime you can welcome him by clicking on his name (above) in the NEW MEMBERS column.
9/5/02 NEWS OF DECEASED CLASSMATES:  We recently received news of the death of two more more of our classmates. June classmate, William Feldhandler, according to a report from Sandy Bader, died in June, 1999, and January's Dominick Cambria, as reported by Marie Passantino, died just this past May of a brain aneurysm.  If you'd like to share a pleasant memory of either of these two, please, send your thoughts to me and I'll post them for the benefit of us all.
9/4/02 THE DIRECTORY IS UP TO DATE.  All ten pages have been updated with the additions and corrections dating back to August 24th.  The additions are listings for new members Kathleen Luberto, Elaine Brower, Ronald Rosenbaum, Fred Moehring, and changes to the existing listing of Barbara Hildebrandt.  My apologies for getting so far behind this time. -WD
9/2/02 FRED MOEHRING HAS CHECKED IN.  Circumstances prevented him from graduating with our class but he is vouched for by Dr. Bob Francomano who sent the following note: "I can certainly vouch for Fred Moehring. We went  to elementary school , Junior High School and eventually to Lane together. Fred started off at Brooklyn Tech and finally transferred to Lane before our senior year...he was definitely with us in our senior year."  Please show him he's welcome to our association by clicking on his name (under new members) above.


Active Membership - 232

Joe Torrent
Joan Dierking
Norman Landsman
8/26/02  JUNE GRAD, ELAINE BROWER, HAS CHECKED IN. Elaine called Barbara Rossman and asked to be a part of all this.  She'll be joining us online soon but, for now anyway, she's a snail mailee.  Her data will be in the directory in the next day or so. 
8/26/02  SAY HI TO JUNE GRAD, RONALD ROSENBAUM, by clicking on his name above.  Ron checked in through the online registration form.  
8/24/02  KATHLEEN LUBERTO CAPASSO has checked in by way of the online registration form.  Welcome her by clicking on her name (above) under NEW MEMBERS.
8/19/02  PATRICIA THOMAS EDWARDS has joined the world of the electronically advantaged.  Now you can email her from the directory.  We are definitely giving our members a reason for moving into the the 21st century.  You would be hard pressed to find a larger group of senior citizens in an email network like ours. When one of our members overcomes computerphobia and gets connected praises and accolades are in order.
8/19/02 THE DIRECTORY IS UP TO DATE.  Or at least it should be, anyway.  You new ones who have signed on in the past month need to check your entry on each of its ten differently sorted pages to see if you've been missed in the updates.  When things get hectic in my juggling act I'm apt to I drop a ball or two without noticing.  Also I recently acquired a new scanner and will resume the work of scanning and loading photos that went on hiatus when my old one bit the dust.  If you've sent in photos and are wondering if you wasted your postage I want to thank you for your patience.  I even have a newspaper photo of our picnic that was mailed to me by Ms. Kellen, one of the Lane administrators.  I'm way behind, but playing the game of catch-up as well as I know how. -WD
8/14/02 JOE TORRENT HAS JOINED THE GROUP.  Joe checked in with us via the online registration form on the web.  You can email him by clicking on his name above.
8/14/02 SLOWLY BUT SURELY I'm getting caught up on the directory and hope to have it all up to date soon.  As time allows I'll also be adding all the pictures that have been sent to me.  I have been inundated with work lately and will try to allocate more time to this web thing.  Thanks for your patience. -WD
8/05/02 Joan Dierking McConkle of the June class joins us by way of  Welcome her by clicking on her name above.

JULY 2002

Active Membership - 227

Alfonso Iannone
Robert Perrin
Walter Hickey
Arthur Ackerman
Joseph Wooten
Bertram Redman
Robert Gilliom
Gerald Hickey
Muriel Drakes
Carlos Jones
Evangeline (Daniels) Jones
Jones & Daniels
7/29/02 NORM LANDSMAN IS HERE: Sandy Bader found another June classmate today. Norm has registered with us and will soon be in the directory.  Meanwhile you can drop him a line by clicking on his name above.
7/29/02 WELCOME ARLENE GRAFFEO: Arlene came to us by way of Classmates.Com.  Until we get her into the directory you can email her by clicking her name above.
07/23/02 TWO MORE NAMES ADDED: We are still reaping the benefits from Louie Robinson's efforts.  Pat Thomas and Vic Cerami are the latest to come aboard.  They'll be added to the directory directly.
7/20/02 Richard Reventas has joined us. Richard was in the January class and his contact info will be added to the directory directly.  In the meantime you may email him by clicking on his name above.
7/20/02 The Fourth Option: On June 11, 2002 we told you about a 4th option being arranged by Bob and Maureen Alhouse for the convenience and to add to the enjoyment of out-of-town reunion guests.  There was some immediate response at that time but then the out-of sight/out-of-mind principle won out.  To keep this option before the eyes and in the minds of those who saw it before, as well as to inform the newcomers, a link has been added to the left column.  Click on "4thOption" to read about it.
7/18/02 OFF TO A LATE START THIS WEEK: It been a busy week in real estate and I haven't yet gotten a chance to add the seven latest members to the directory.  I'll be working on it today.  We had a total of nine added for the week and, if you haven't heard the big news, be sure to check the archives for an update.
7/14/02 MURIEL DRAKES HAS CHECKED IN:  Just got off the phone with Muriel.  She has discovered Zazzoom and will probably up all night.  Email her by clicking the link above.
7/14/02 LOUIE ROBINSON FINDS THE HICKEY TWINS AND MANY MORE HAVE ARRIVED : Among his latest contacts to sign on with us are Walter and Gerald Hickey, Joseph Wooten, Robert Gilliom, and Arthur Ackerman, all from the January class, and Bertram Redman from the June class.   You can email Walt, Gerry, and Art by clicking on their names above; the rest are snailers at this time and should be in the directory soon.  If you want to get hold of them now, email me and I'll send you phone numbers and addresses.
7/12/02 ROBERT PERRIN HAS SIGNED ON: Robert's from the June class and he just submitted his registration form through the web.  You can click on his name above to shoot a little welcome note.
7/08/02 NEW MEMBER REGISTRATION PAGE IS WORKING: It's always a pleasant surprise when a new member's registration form pops up in my inbox.  Al Iannone is the latest to drop in on us this way.  Al has been added to the directory and you can send him a welcome message by clicking on his name above.
7/08/02 ARCHIVES HAVE BEEN SPLIT AGAIN: The Newsletter Archives were getting too long and too slow loading.  They have now been restarted as of 7/01/02 with links from there to  back issues.  They make some interesting reading provide a means for newer members to see the growth of the association as it occurred one week at a time.
7/04/02 Barbara Hildebrandt is now living in New YorkBarbara's address has been changed on the first page of the directory but we are awaiting her new phone number prior to posting it to the other nine pages.  If anyone could help us with that number it would be greatly appreciated. 
7/04/02 DOLORES GABBETT HARVEY A NEW YORKER AGAIN: Dolores and her husband, Graham Harvey have moved back to New York.  There new contact info has been posted to the directory.
7/04/02 PICTURES ON LANE WEB: Dinu Pietaru, Lane's webmaster, has moved the BBQ pictures off the front page and made them accessible from the Alumni page.  Here's a shortcut you can use to see what he's posted there:
7/04/02 NEW EMAIL ADDRESS FOR MARY ANNE: If your emails to Mary Ann (Satriale) Zacarese have been returned it's because I posted her new e-addy to the directory but forgot to post an announcement about it.  The address in the directory is correct and is easy to find since (with 28 characters) it is the longest one there. 
7/03/02 NEW MAILING ADDRESS FOR PICTURES AND OTHER CORRESPONDENCE: Please notice that my address has changed in the directory as of today and update your records accordingly. -WD
7/02/02 LOOK WHO GOT MARRIED.  Carlos Jones and Evangeline Daniels (both from the June class) are husband and wife and living in Florida.  Their full contact info is now in the directory.