Sometimes we were invited, sometimes we heard about them through the grapevine, and sometimes we just wished we had known.  Parties were going on in party cellars all over Brooklyn and Queens back in 1953. 

First enjoy this one and then go digging for your own private party snap-shots to add to this page.    Where you see a question Mark (?) it means we need help identifying that individual.  There is currently only one party to see here, two pictures sent in by Richard Laudia.  Let's fill this page. 

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From The Treasure Chest Of Richard Laudia

L-R & T-B
1. ?
2.Richard Laudia
3.Matt Hogan
4.Bob Parisi
5.George O'Kane
6.Mark Sciacchitano
7.Tony Russo
8. Sal Anziano
9. ?
10. Bob Francomano
11. ?
12  ?
13 ?

Please help fill in the blanks.
















An Age of Innocence

Marie Maniscalco


Matt Hogan

Bob Parisi