Helene Schottenfeld

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Helene Schottenfeld 

So many years - so much has happened in ALL our lives! I am now very happily retired and living in Tampa, FL since 1992, with my second husband, Jim Brennan. I have 3 lovely children who are scattered around the world. My oldest (and mother of my only granddaughter) is in Virginia, my middle daughter in Tallahassee FL, and my "baby" son in London, England! Fortunately, all are doing well and are very happy! After HS I fulfilled my lifelong dream, entered Nursing School and became a Registered Nurse. Married my 1st husband, Mickey Oppenheim, immediately after graduation, and moved to Long Island. I worked in Labor and Delivery and loved it! We stayed for 8 years, had the kids (busman's holiday), then Mickey found engineering work with IBM in Huntsville, AL. We soon were transferred to Gaithersburg, MD, and I, too, found work with IBM as an Occupational Health Nurse. To make a long story short (too late!) by 1976  things had changed, and we separated, but remained on good terms. (Works better for the kids that way...)

I soon was transferred to NC, then back to Virginia in the DC area. All this time, I was involved in local Community Theater productions: backstage, acting, whatever. What fun, and what a great way to meet new people! It is now 1983, and an old friend introduces me to a cast member in her current production. Voila!!! Jim and I clicked, and after awhile, decided to make it "permanent", even if it DID mean that my initials were now Helene S O B! (That's Schottenfeld/Oppenheim/Brennan. At least I got a short name that MOST people can spell!) Jim has 4 Grandkids, plus 2 Great-Grands and I enjoy them all!
       We continue to be active in our local Community Theater, travel a bit, and would love to see any classmates that find themselves on the West Coast of Florida in the Tampa area.















You can contact me via e-mail at  Looking forward to the Reunion! The enclosed photo was taken at the wedding of Jim's granddaughter in California. (Yes, I used to be a blond, but found that the red hair was very complementary to my skin tones!)

Helene Schottenfeld Oppenheim Brennan  - 
Or  -Helene S. O. B.  for short.

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