Frank Hoffberg

I'll strive to keep this profile as brief as possible in the interests of good taste and common sense.  I've already expressed my excitement and disbelief when Warren called me because I have not maintained contact with anyone since graduating.  Lacking a more descriptive adjective that a poet such as Warren might employ, let me just repeat that I was totally flabbergasted and it is most gratifying to know that there are already so many of you signing on for this reunion.
     Shortly after graduation I enlisted in the army for 3 years.  I did a tour of duty in Korea for 16 months then rotated back to Fort Huachuca, Arizona where I spent the remainder of my enlistment.  I kicked around in a variety of clerical and sales positions over the next few years, both in New York and California, before deciding to try my hand (and my mouth) at the insurance business with Prudential and Penn Life where I spent a combined total of approximately 12 years.  


Frank Hoffberg - 1953

A friend in 1970 told me about the vast amounts of money being made in telemarketing.  I spent most of the next thirty years proving him a liar. Having phased out of that business over the past 5 years I now tend to investments, travel and an active family/friend life...and still visit the gym 3 days a week (I probably weigh about the same as I did back at Lane...128lbs, I am one of the little people).  Other hobbies include cooking and wine collecting, (but mostly drinking now, I formerly cellared about 40 cases now it's 40 bottles).  I failed to mention that I had a two year stint where my enological hobby drove me to purchase a gourmet cheese and wine shop which was a financial disaster (not because I consumed the potential revenues).  Although I would not call it a hobby, I began investing in the stock market in 1968 with varying degrees of success.  In this I've discovered that the more you know, the less you understand and the more answers you have the more wrong you are...but I'll keep on keeping on as I ride off into the market sunset.
     Arrived in southern California in August of 1960 and have been here ever since. I now live in Westlake Village, which is about 45 minutes north of Los Angeles in Ventura County.  My inamorata, Rosalie, has been a part of my life for over 39 years...we have a son and daughter and 9 grandchildren who help to keep us very active.  We've been traveling much more in recent years and plan to continue doing so as long as our finances and health hold up.  Although Rosie has Lupus and I had bypass surgery in 1982 we try not to let that slow us down.  We would like to see as much of the planet as we can before we have to leave it for good.  Oh, by the way, we're also cat lovers...have a great Ragdoll & Maine Coon.
     Look forward to hearing from any and all of you either by e-mail, snail mail or phone and hope to see you in 03.














My inamorata, Rosalie, has been a part of my life for over 39 years..